Effortless Festival Fashion Guide For Your Favorite Music Getaway

Festival season is upon us, and this style guide gives you easy tips for putting together effortless yet functional outfits for handling the heat and allowing you to dance while capturing your individual style.

Festival Tip 1. - Keep Cool

Even if the weather shows clouds, you are baking in the sun.  Walking around the entire festival and dancing to your favorite bands will get you misty, so best to choose easy layers and shorts that allow you to adjust on the scene.  Considering a romper?  Yes, they are cute but be easy on yourself, those port-a-pottys are not forgiving. A cute band shirt and shorts will do the trick, along with a light cover. Remember! Cotton is the most forgiving fabric for hot temps.

Festival Tip 2. - Accessories make the outfit

Your accessories will make any outfit stand out in the crowd.  Consider your favorite part to emphasize.  A hat and sunglasses are a must, but also an easy way to play by choosing a hat or sunglasses that are fun, colored lenses, textured or graphic caps.

When it comes to jewelry, layering a selection of necklaces, mixing chokers and long beaded chains, incorporating multicolored beads and gemstones, brings focus to an interesting collar of your top or a bare neckline. 

festival bracelets - boho

Stacking stretch bracelets are super easy and look great with any signature watch.  However, if you choose to go the way of the statement earring, keep the neckline very very simple, and team that up with a deep bracelet selection.

Festival Ready Looks

Don't forget the tote.  Make sure its light but can fit and secure anything you may need to take off or store for later use - for example, a hat, your sunglasses, any layered clothes when you get hot.  Light woven materials go a long way and can easily be adorned with patches or your favorite buttons.

Festival Tip 3 - Take Care of your Feet

Your feet are going to feel it the most, remember that you are standing all day on them and they will feel the pressure eventually.  While sandals run the risk of exposing your feet to all of the elements, a good toned down walking sneaker can easily get you through the day. Make sure they BREATHE.

the art of the layer - boho jewelry necklaces layered look



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